Buckets of Blooms

Buckets of Blooms

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Are you a DIY-er? Do you want beautiful, unique flowers for your next celebration but on a limited budget? If you don't shy away from arranging flowers, you can save yourself a good bit of money (and have fun doing it) by purchasing farm flowers in bulk. They arrive to you freshly harvested in buckets of clean water, ready for you to work your flower magic!

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Things to know

  • Farmer's Choice: Leave the choices to us! We'll give you the best-looking blooms in complimentary colors to represent what's in season at the time of your event. (We'll be in touch when we see your order come through to get your event date and preferred delivery date.)
  • Full Bloom: If you prefer input into the contents of your bucket, let's talk! (We'll be in touch when we see your order come through.) We can let you know what we expect to have available around your event date, and we'll do our very best to accommodate your preferences for varieties and colors. We can't make guarantees, because Mother Nature is ultimately in charge, but you can trust we will do our very best.
  • Each bucket is filled with 60 stems (plus some extras to give you a little wiggle room), including the focal flowers, fillers, and foliage it takes to make an eye-catching arrangement or bouquet. This tends to be enough material to fill a dozen bud vases or make two medium bouquets, 4-5 quart-sized arrangements (think Mason jars), or one very large centerpiece. Please save our sanity by not asking us to guess how many stems you need for x purpose or y vase. The pressure is too much, so we fall back on our standard answer: If you are unsure, order yourself an extra bucket.
  • We will deliver your buckets free of charge on the date you choose anywhere 15 miles from the farm (4888 Castlebridge Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042). If you are farther from us, we'll set a time for you to pick up from the farm.
  • Check out our Caring for Your Cut Flowers page for tips to keep your flowers looking fresh.
  • We love all things flowers, but we aren't floral designers by any means; we'll stay over here in our farming lane, thank you. Please don't panic and ask us to arrange flowers for your important event. You're going to do just fine, and we would only panic right alongside you!