Hello, flower friends! I’m Kim! Welcome to Castlebridge Farm in Ellicott City, Maryland!

Many of you find our farm because you appreciate beautiful flowers as much as I do. The colors. The shapes. The ways they brighten our days. Many of you are neighbors. Others, florists and floral designers. I’m so glad you’re all here! Please know I’ve set the highest standards for what we sell because I know your standards are high too.

I bet lots of you are also farmer’s market and CSA supporters, mindful about how your food is grown. There is a similar “slow flowers” movement in the U.S. that will resonate with you. To keep our soil, our planet, and everyone who comes into contact with our flowers as healthy as possible for years to come, I’m following the sustainable flower growers and organic food farmers who've come before me—choosing practices that preserve and protect nature.

For those of you looking to the farm as a diversion from life’s fast pace, I get you. I’ll be thinking of you when posting to Instagram or emailing farm updates. Reply back so we can get to know each other! And please do laugh alongside me as I tackle life as a first-time farmer. (Like when I asked for husband's help to install greenhouse plastic on a windy day. Bad, bad, bad for marriages.)

Kim, Carter and Chelsea Adkinson  

So what's our story?

We happened upon our 10-acre corner of Howard County, Maryland in 2019. Our property and many lots nearby were once part of a large estate that has been in the Carroll family since the 1700s; the family still farms much of the land today. We didn’t know exactly how we’d use our land, beyond space to wander, a vegetable garden, and maybe a farm animal or two. Ducks? Shetland ponies? These adorable pigs?

Castlebridge Farm was born the following year. My midlife career change. After 15 years in communications, I was ready to throw myself into something completely new. Something that put our land to work. Flower farming was a perfect fit for our small acreage and the joy I find in flowers.

I do feel responsible to care for our farmland and the plants and animals that rely on it. So you won't find pesticides or herbicides here, but instead a focus on soil health, flower-friendly bees and bugs, crop rotation, water conservation, solar power, and green practices like these. I'm learning a lot as I go, and I'm so thankful for the farmers here in HoCo and nationwide who generously share their time and wisdom. 

We may still add ponies or pigs in time, but until then, you'll hear lots about Linus and Lovey, our golden retriever "farm dogs." Linus is 5, and Lovey (our girl) is a puppy.

I look forward to learning more about you!

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