photography bookings

If you haven’t shot at our farm before, please stop by in advance to walk the property with us. Schedule your visit with or 443-744-1782. After this meeting, we will not need to be present during your shoots.


4888 Castlebridge Rd
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Follow Castlebridge Road to the end of the Riverwood neighborhood, then keep going past the mailboxes onto the private road. Drive for a half mile until you pass a small vineyard on the right. Immediately turn right, then a quick left to park at our barn on the gravel drive. Pull as far forward as possible to allow others to park behind you. Exit the way you came, turning right when leaving our parking area.


  • Please arrive before your clients and take responsibility for directing them, monitoring their compliance with the guidelines below, and ensuring that they depart immediately following your shoot. 
  • Park only on the gravel drive (not in the grass unless directed). We cannot allow vehicles beyond our parking area.
  • You may use all outdoor spaces on our property, but kindly steer clear of our private residence. You may shoot at the farm sign near the driveway.
  • Do not venture beyond our property. The property is fenced on three sides; the final property boundary is the road in front of our barn. Please do not take photos on or across this road. 
  • Do not enter any buildings on site without permission or touch/use farm vehicles, tools, or equipment. You are welcome to photograph the outside of our barn/sheds and use the portapotty located in the shed by the barn.
  • Do not drink the water at the barn or in the fields. It is untreated well water.
  • Because farm work is our first priority, areas cannot be reserved. There may be people working outside during your shoot, but we will do our best to give you space and privacy.
  • Avoid photographing any member of the public (our family, staff, customers, vendors) without their prior consent.
  • Please be respectful of our crops while trying to capture your perfect photo. Walk/stand/sit only between rows and avoid tramping, breaking, or picking any flowers. Gently touching the flowers is just fine.
  • If you anticipate a need to cut flowers during your shoot, let’s talk. We may be able to point you to an area where cutting will not impact our future sales, or prepare a simple bouquet for you.
  • Only bring props you can easily carry in and out. If you wish to rent larger props (e.g., sofas, backdrops), let’s talk about how best to accommodate those items.
  • No smoke bombs, helium balloons, glitter, confetti, lasers, open flames, sparklers, fireworks, or other props that may leave residue or interfere with nature. 
  • No nails or tacks anywhere on property.
  • No boudoir photography, nudity, or wardrobe changes on property.
  • Horses and pets are permitted with advance notice and the promise to clean up after the animals you bring on site.
  • Drones are permitted.
  • Please leave the property as you found it. If in doubt, always close the gate to the flower field when you leave.
  • We welcome tags on social media @castlebridgefarm

We look forward to welcoming you to the farm!

Image credits: Top and below (first and second): Christina Tundo Photography; below (third and fourth): Molly Y Photography