We're Hiring


LOCATION: Castlebridge Farm, 4888 Castlebridge Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042

EMPLOYMENT DATES: March-December 2022 with possibilities for continuing year-round employment

HOURLY RATE: $17/hour; 40-50 hours per week, primarily weekdays 8AM-4PM including a paid half-hour lunch break; limited weekend hours as needed

HIRING MANAGER: Kim Adkinson, Owner, kim@castlebridgefarm.com, 443-744-1782

Castlebridge Farm is a 2-acre specialty cut flower farm in Howard County, MD. It was founded in 2020 to produce fresh and dried cut flowers and foliage for retail and wholesale buyers in the Baltimore-DC metro area. The farm strives for sustainability in all aspects of its operations and is laser-focused on premium quality. We do not use conventional fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides but instead choose organic alternatives and other sustainable practices for pest and weed control.

The farm is currently in production from late March through early November, and this schedule will continue for the 2022 growing season.

The farm is managed by its owner, Kim Adkinson, who works alongside a small mix of field and barn crew members. For 2022, we want to add a full-time field hand who has experience working outdoors in all weather.


  • May operate tractor, farm utility vehicle, riding lawn mower, push lawn mower, string trimmer, leaf blower, and other power tools
  • Use hand tools such as shovels, hoes, sledgehammers, pruning shears, and rakes 
  • Plant, weed, mulch, water, pinch, or thin crops as needed
  • Apply organic fertilizers or pest controls with backpack sprayer
  • Seed cover crop with belly spreader
  • Install and maintain irrigation lines
  • Construct trellises, pound in support stakes, and install support netting
  • Clean and repair equipment and tools
  • Clear fields of plant debris
  • Receive deliveries 
  • Keep safety in mind and take precautions to avoid accidents with equipment, tools, and supplies


  • Must have outdoor work experience. No farm experience necessary–we can teach you!–but you must demonstrate that you enjoy working outdoors and understand what it involves.
  • Must be reliable and have reliable transportation–We are a small team and count on each member to come to work on time and ready to dive in, especially when working with perishable crops or racing against unfavorable weather.
  • Flexible within reason to work early morning or early evening hours when necessary to achieve tasks not possible in the heat of midday summer
  • Willing to perform the most physical work on the farm, including lifting (up to 50 lbs), digging, hammering, dragging hoses, bending, kneeling, and twisting
  • Tolerates repetitive physical tasks (e.g., hand weeding, spreading mulch, planting hundreds of seedlings)
  • Must have rain gear, sun protection, and proper closed-toe footwear for the weather; work gloves are provided
  • Works efficiently with attention to detail
  • Is comfortable working independently and taking direction when necessary
  • Receives deliveries professionally
  • Finds solutions with a can-do attitude and looks for ways to improve farm operations
  • Embraces our commitment to sustainable farming
  • Is comfortable with our two golden retrievers who often accompany us to the field

Interested? Email kim@castlebridgefarm.com describing why you are interested in joining our team and your previous outdoor work experience.